Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday Anniversary Giveaway

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Happy Birthday to Me!!
I can't believe I've finally reached age 31 when I don't feel like one, and certainly that's what some of my friends said when what they actually meant was I don't act like one. Hahahaha... Well, what can I do anyway? One of my girlfriend who's 6 years younger than me got so annoyed when her client thought I'm 23 and she's 24. She said it's because I'm so immature. Whatever. *lol
But truly, at this age, I still feel I haven't achieved something great. There are so many things I need to catch up or to achieve. I realized I made mistakes and wasted so much time in my younger years. So I believe it really is time for me to grow up, to be more mature enough for my age. As for my this year birthday wish, I want:
  • to graduate this year because I want my parents to attend the graduation ceremony (which is on August/September)
  • to get married (as my parents getting older and I'm the only child who haven't got married, I know they really want to see me married. Perhaps it's not a very good reason to get married, but well, it's something I want to).
  • to get a permanent job (hopefully as a psychologist)
  • to start a business with my sister
  • to be financially independent (as in not in a tight budget whenever I want to buy books! :D)

But of course sometimes, when I'm in the process of achieving something, things happen. There are always the up-and-down moments. There are moments when I feel insecure or uncertain whether I could have it or not. And when inferiority struck me, well, most of the time books are my getaway. Usually I feel so much better afterward, especially after when I read a story that inspire me. That's on the reason why I have certain all time favorite books. Or favorite heroes/heroines. It's on how their characters inspired me. 

It's been for years that I give myself book(s) as birthday present. Usually, I buy book I wanted for so long but not badly wanting it. Mostly, as my birthday present, I choose book which I love the cover so much, but don't really bother with the inside. You know, the kind of book that looks great on your shelf. I'd call it a looks-great-in-my-shelf book (instead of coffee table book). :D
How about you? Did you ever do the same thing? Do you give yourself a book(s) for your own birthday present? What kind of book do you usually buy? I'd love to hear your story.

And as for giveaway, since my birthday is at 30th, I'd choose 3 winners to have a chance to win book of their own choice worth up to (max) $10 from The Book Depository. I love to relate things with certain numbers. So it's like 3x10=30 (which is my birthday date). :)
It's international as long as The Book Depository ships to your country (you can check it here)

I actually wanted to post it right on January 30th on Indonesia time, but I didn't have much time. And the reason why I choose to end the giveaway on March 2nd is because it's my little sister birthday. :)

So come and enter the rafflecopter. 
Thanks for stopping by and read this rambling thing. ^^

PS: I'm still learning in this blogging and HTML stuff so I don't know how exactly to put the link for my button. Hahahaha... I promise I'll update it soon. ;)
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